My neighbor Candy has come over a few evenings this year to do a tarot card reading coupled with a reiki session. The idea was to help me see what I should or could be doing, when, and why. I’m not sure she was aware of this good day project when she asked, but it sure did connect with me when she did. I believe we’ve met three times thus far on important moon cycles in the evening sky. The last time she knocked on my door with her tarot cards, the session led us to creat a “joy list”. This list is designed to be in two categories; free and not free. In other words, what brings me joy that costs money and what makes me happy without spending a dime. It took me around thirty or so minutes over three days to share with you my list.

Joy that comes with a price tag

  • A hot coffee in a warm, dimly lit coffee shop somewhere in the mountains
  • A Disney vacation with family or friends (or both!)
  • A lager in the summer outside in the sun with friends
  • A challenging, fun escape room with friends
  • A massage by a professional

Free joy

  • Running in nature
  • Petting my dogs
  • Creating with no time constraints
  • The smell of brewing coffee
  • A slow hike in the wooded mountains
  • Sitting in the dark with a candle
  • A thank you
  • Reading a comic
  • A quick power nap
  • Hearing a story that makes you think and reflect
  • Dungeons and Dragons with friends
  • Lying down outside looking up at the stars
  • A good workout

I probably forgot a host of other things that bring me joy. After looking at this, I know it. However, for the life of me, I can’t come up with anything more at the moment. I believe for me that to build a good day, joy is important. Finding ways to incorporate one or many of these daily, will only make life better. So, I guess that is a goal. And since the bulk of my list is “free joy”, it makes it a bit easier to accomplish this feat of living my joy list. Onward!