What is this project all about?

When every day is groundhog’s day.

What makes a good day? 

This is a question I’ve been asking myself daily even before my normal routine was hijacked by the 2020 pandemic. 

Days currently blend together. I lose track of time. Seemingly I have ample time to learn or try new endeavors, but it never works out the way I had hoped. After waking up at 6 a.m., I glance down at my watch later and realize it’s 2 p.m. I immediately question my decisions and intentions for what I set out to do.
Your turn. Submit your idea of a good day. 

This site is designed to collect your existential definitions of a good day and share them with others who are seeking to find more harmony, confidence, gratitude, peace, justice, fulfillment, joy, and love out of each day. Maybe, here, collectively, we can help one another think more deeply about what and who is most important in our life and take steps to find that happiness we all deserve.

A Re-nourish Project

This project is funded by Re-nourish
Re-nourish is a nonprofit organization that provides online tools and advocates for awareness and action for sustainable systems thinking in the visual communication design community. We aim to help the practicing graphic designer, educator, and student make responsible and pragmatic design decisions for a healthy people, planet, and profit.

Learn more at www.re-nourish.org.
Cover illustration by Veronica Pham.

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